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The Factions:
Blackblood Devout Dwarven
Elven Firstborn Sons of Kronos
Stygian Swamp Goblins
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Cavalry for each faction in the first wave

From Martin Hood (Facebook, Chronopia Uhrwerk Group):
"Small leak. In the first wave of models on Kickstarter, you will be able to buy Cavalry models for each faction. (Unit size 1-3)."

Box Cover
Box Cover Devout Blood Knight.


Kickstarter started 1st Quarter of 2022

The news came from the Chronopia Facebook Group from Uhrwerkverlag.

Chronopia 3.0 started with an Kickstarter in the 1st Quarter of 2022.

Follow points are in the Previews:

All Previews: Chronopia 3.0 Preview Bilder.


First Battle Report from the new Edition online

You find on Youtube today a first Game Preview from the new Chronopia Edition.

To see is a Mix from old and new Miniatures on a nice Game Table.

-> Chronopia Battle Report: Firstborn vs Elven House of Crystal Lotus (Youtube)
-> Discussion on the message board


News to Chronopia 3.Edition

Last Weekend there was a discussion to the new Chronopia Edition from Uhrwerk-Verlag on the Online Heinz-Convention.

Few pictures, news to comming products, rules, and more.

-> Teaser (Youtube)
-> Discussion on Twitch
-> Pictures
-> More Infos on talesfromfarpoint

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