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Faction: Firstborn

The Fortress of Gergythia on the shores of the Jagged Sea is home to the Crossbowmen of the Firstborn Kingdom. Armed with specially constructed heavy crossbows, the Crossbowmen of Gergythia are perhaps most notoriously known for their love of close combat, granted an unusual trait for a missile weapon soldier.

Mounted on the front of these great crossbows are two wicked blades. While they seem decorative they are not. Crossbowmen are known to charge their opponents and strike to impale them with the twin blades at the head of their weapon. When they hit an opponent this way they fire the bolt causing a devastating wound the likes of which few walk away from.

Though they carry a short sword, they prefer the attacks of their crossbows to the use of the blade.

1997 Target Games

Crossbowmen - Leader
1997 Target Games

Crossbowmen - Leader

Unit Rules from the 2.Edition.

Article print Type: Missile Weapon Warband

Crossbowmen (4 - 8) Costs: 33
1010-12 2143 15-12
Crossbowmen Leader (1) Costs: 36
1111-13 2143 15-22

Special Rules:
- When in Close Combat, Crossbowmen may strike with the mounted blades in their Bladed Crossbow, then shoot the crossbow as one Action. They may only shoot their Crossbow in this manner after a successful hit with the Blades has been made. They get a +6 to hit with this shot. When they attack this way they use their CC stat to see if they score a hit.
- Firstborn Crossbowmen and Leader are each armed with Bladed Heavy Crosswbows and Shortsword.

Bladed Heavy Crossbow7142112When in Close Combat if you make a successful attack using Blades (CC 4) the blades you may attempt to fire your crossbow with the same action. You must first make a LD test. If successful you make fire your Crossbow. When firing your crossbow in this manner you use your CC stat instead of your RC stat. ROF = 1/2


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