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Article print

Earl: Swordmaster Noble

Faction: Firstborn

For the Firstborn, honors mean little unless they are earned. Life has been hard for them and deeds are what matters most. Such is the way of things.

The title of "Earl" is resereved for those Swordsmen Leaders who have proven themselves in countless battles against the enemies of the One King. They are skilled warriors to be sure, and thoughtful tacticians, but their true strength lies in their ability to execute complex strategies spontaneously on the battlefield. So well trained are the men under their command, that these commands are almost always successfully executed.

Earl: Swordmaster Noble
Earl: Swordmaster Noble
2002 Excelsior Entertainment

Earl: Swordmaster Noble
Earl: Swordmaster Noble

Unit Rules from the 2.Edition.

Article print Type: Close Combat Individual

Earl: Swordmaster Noble (1) Costs: 46
138-14 2243 15-52

Special Rules:
- Commanding Presence
- The Earl is an esteerned position in the Firstborn Army, a rank which has been earned through both action and skill. When an Earl "Gives Order" (p. 61), he may command up to 2 warbands so long as both warbands are either Swordsmen, Desert Crusaders or City Militia. Commanding two warbands would of course require two actions.
- Feint
- Secondary Attack
- You must have a combination of Swordsmen or Desert Crusader at least 16 in your army to have an Earl.
- Sword of Honour
- Dagger
- Warshield (-3 RC)

Sword of HonorCC--STAppointed to the Earl for distinguished service, this perfectly balanced blade is a lethal weapon in the hand of a master. When an Earl rolls a hit with this weapon, the difference in the needed number and the number rolled is added to the weapons Damage (ST+roll). Thus an Earl who needs a modified 5 to hit an rolls a 11, adds 6 to his DAM this attack.


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