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The Factions:
Blackblood Devout Dwarven
Elven Firstborn Sons of Kronos
Stygian Swamp Goblins
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Mounted Axemen

Faction: Firstborn
Type: Close Combat Individual

Specialized for the desert campaigns of the One King, the Mounted Axemen are skilled at fighting in the heat of the Land of Two Rivers as part of the Desert Legions. Trained to function in these harsh climes and outfitted with filtered helms, the Mounted Axemen ride specially bred horses which easily survive the heat and sand of the deserts. While they are deployed occasionally in the northern armies, the bulk of the Mounted Axemen are stationed in the southern Kingdom and are charged with aiding the Desert Crusaders against the Stygian menace.

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Knight (1)
128-13 24
Warhorse (1)
108-10 23
3619 -1369

Special Rules:
- Mounted Troops
- Desert Warrior
- Leap
- Immunity to Fear
- Commanding Presence
- Firstborn Mounted Axemen may Break Away from Close Combat at anytime without a Break Away roll.
- Mounted Axemen are each armed with a Cavalry Axes.
- Warhorses have a Kick Attack, Natural Weapon (1x) Kick (10).
Mortal and Beast

Cavalry AxeCC--ST+6

Mounted Axemen
Mounted Axemen
1998 Target Games

Concept Art
Concept Art


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