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Faction: Firstborn

There are tales told amongst the Firstborn that the One King has enslaved minions of the Devout and shackled them to his will in defiance of the Dark One. In whispers throughout the Kingdom, tales tell of these demonic minions, imprisoned in massive suits of armor and made to serve the One King’s every whim. In reality, these Nightwalkers are completely human though they have seen more death and horrors than most living souls ever have.

Nightwalkers do little to change their ominous reputation, as it serves their mission well. Few would ever knowingly hinder a Nightwalkers passage and if one of these warriors is rumored to be in a city or town, citizens leave food outside their doors to speed its passage along. Nightwalkers are a specialized cult that serves the One King under the watchful eyes of the High Judges. The members of this elite group all have one thing in common; they are all rescued survivors of a Devout internment train. Freed from their grizzly fate by the One King’s army, these souls have seen first hand the absolute horrors the Devout represent and they have undergone years of training to develop the skills to stop it.

Bedecked in demonic-looking armor, these warriors are the Kingdoms elite assassins, moving unseen and delivering swift death to those who oppose their glorious King. Their conclaves are hidden from the eyes of the common citizen and their numbers are unknown. Many are the times an army has entered battle to discover an unseen Nightwalker amongst its number, its blades and throwing dirks saving countless souls with their practiced efficiency.

© 1998 Target Games

Concept Art
Concept Art

Unit Rules from the 2.Edition.

Article print Type: Close Combat Individual

Nightwalkers (1) Costs: 67
1313-14 3253 21-12

Special Rules:
- Indomitable Will
- Outmaneuver
- Hide
- Stealth
- Nightwalkers may throw their Thin Bladed Throwing Dirks and remain Hidden.
- Once per turn, Nightwalkers may throw three Thin-Bladed Throwing Dirks as one Action, but they must be thrown at the same target each requiring a seperate an individual to-hit roll.
- Nightwalkers are each armed with the Black Blade of Justice and Thin Bladed Throwing Dirks.

Black Blade of JusticeCC--ST+4(x2)
Thin Bladed Throwing Dirks2+STR--ST+1


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