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Repulsar Knights

Faction: Firstborn

The very bravest and most decorated of the Kingdomís Imperial Knights are rewarded by appointment to the Order of the Repulsars, a prestigious rank that leads to great placement in the Imperial Court. It is the duty of the Repulsars to coordinate battles with the Chronomancers and design the victories of the One Kingís army. They are the field commanders and they lead by example. Often seen in the front of a charge, the Repulsars are the focus of any army and the tangible extension of the One Kingís will.

Wearing specially designed armor that is crafted personally for them by the Imperial Armory, the Repulsars have an immense pride in their Kingdom and its leader. They have not forgotten the shame of the Triadís conquest, and this resentment is still evident amongst their ranks even today. A Repulsar Knight who excels at his post is often awarded the privilege of becoming a Judge and bringing the words of the One King to the far corners of the world.

Repulsar Knight
Repulsar Knight
© 1999 Target Games


3D Model
© 2022 Uhrwerk-Verlag

Unit Rules from the 2.Edition.

Article print Type: Close Combat Individual

Repulsar Knight (1) Costs: 92
168-16 3353 23-32

Special Rules:
- Cause Fear
- Steadfast
- Commanding Presence
- Any friendly model within Command Distance of a Repulsar Knight receives a bonus of +2 to their CC and MW. Other Repulsar Knights do not receive this bonus. The effect is not cumulative if you have more than 1 Repulsar Knight.
- Repulsar Knights are each armed with the Maiming Polearm.

Maiming PolearmCC--ST+6(x3)


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