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Blood Hunters

Faction: Devout

Amongst the most abhorrent of the Devoutīs mortal legions are the Blood Hunters, individuals whose very nature inclines them to the service of the Dark One.

They serve willignly in the ranks of the Devout not through some misguided ideal that became horribly perverted but because it suits the cruelty and greed within their hearts. As such, Blood Hunters scouts and trackers in the Devout army. Vicious raiders and slighty less of a scavenger than Dark Wings, Blood Hunters delight in looting the dead and dying and wear the raimentīs of their victims like morbid trophies.

As a reward for their dedication, their Dark Masters provide these Hunterīs with Demon Steeds to serve as mounts and aid them in the pursuit of the unfaithful. These monstrous mounts look slow and dim witted, but this is a cruel trick of the Dark Lord. Capable of the quick bursts of speed, their huge maw is lined with razor sharp teeth and is more than capable of opening up the strongest Firstborn armor. Blood Hunter packs are lead by one of their own that excels in matters of depracity and pain and like all scavengers, will find himself replaced at the slightest sign of weakness.

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Concept Art
Concept Art

3D Model
Đ 2022 Uhrwerk-Verlag

Unit Rules from the 2.Edition.

Article print Type: Close Combat Warband

Blood Hunter (2 - 4)
1111-12 21
Demon Steed (2 - 4)
108-10 25
3617 -1377

Blood Hunter Leader (1)
1212-13 24
Demon Steed Leader (1)
108-10 25
3617 -2380

Special Rules:
- Mounted Troops
- Hunter
- Blood Hunters and Blood Hunter Leaders are each armed with a Dark Sword, a Shield and Javelins.
- The Demon Steed has a Bite Attack, Natural weapon - (1x) Bite (13)
Mortal and Infernal

DarkswordCC--ST+5Infused with Unlife energies.
Javelin2+STR--ST+2A model may move and throw a javelin in the same.


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