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The Forgotten

Faction: Devout

Unlike the Swordsmen and other human followers of the Devout, the Forgotten are so named because of the ritual they undergo in their quest to become the perfect vessel for the Dark Lord´s power. In a sinister ceremony presided over by a Warped Lord, the human supplicant drinks a specialized elisir that ist brewed from various grizzly components including blood from his own family members whom he has personally sacrificed to the Devout´s cause. Once imbibed, the elisir transforms the supplicant, wracking his body and mind for days, leaving him eiter a powerful being controlled by the Dark Lord or an insane, twisted mass of flesh fit only to join the carnal pits of the Devout.

Once the transformation is complete, the Forgotten has no recollection of his old memories or identity, his humanity having left him forever. Without the commands of a Warped Lord or Master to direct it, the Forgotten will stand vigilant until commanded. It is not uncommon for places devastated by the Devout to have Forgotten left in them by their Masters with the sole command to harm the living that enter the guarded area. As they do not sleep, eat, need any rest and are not driven by the hungers and lusts of the rest of the Devout, Forgotten make the perfect sentinels and guardians.

The Forgotten
© 2004 Excelsior Entertainment

© 2004 Excelsior Entertainment

Concept Art
Concept Art

Unit Rules from the 2.Edition.

Article print Type: Close Combat Warband

Forgotten (4 - 6) Costs: 37
128-12 2143 16-42

Special Rules:
- Steadfast
- Killing Stroke
- Cause Fear
- The Forgotten are each armed with a Vorpal Sword and a Warshield.

Vorpal SwordCC--ST+5If you roll a 1-3 when rolling to hit with this weapon, it is treated as a Perfect Success and automatically inflicts a Wound.


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