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Faction: Devout

First seen swarming from the Lands of Flame, Wailers are believed to be minions of the Dark Prophet Lokoth brought forth from some arid place in the Dusk Realm to aid in his conquest of the Southern Lands. Now found in all Devout forces, Wailers are so named because of their constant piercing cries; shrieks that cause many a soldiers courage to leave him. So potent is the sound of a Wailers keening that units must muster all of their courage just to resist the urge to flee from the battle. If a soldier can manage to muster the resolve to stand firm in the face of the Wailers scream, he must then contend with its wicked blade and deadly tail attack.

1998 Target Games

Concept Art
Concept Art

Unit Rules from the 2.Edition.

Article print Type: Close Combat Warband

Wailers (4 - 6) Costs: 45
128-12 2153 16-22

Special Rules:
- Secondary Attack
- Immune to Desert Climate Effects.
- Magic Resistance
- The Wailers Tail attack has a 360-degree attack arc and may strike models up to two inches away.
- The Warband of Wailers may spend one Action to perform a Wail of Fear. Acting in concert, the Wailers howl in sibilant tones that strike at the heart of any Mortal or Beast within range. Affected enemy Units within ten inches must make a Morale test against Fear or suffer the debilitating affects of the wail.
- Wailers are each armed with a Demon-Horn Sword and have a Tail Attack, Natural Wepaon (1x) Tail (10).

Demon Horn SwordCC--ST+7Infused with Unlife energies and may Sweep.


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