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Jackel Clan Crossbowmen

Faction: Devout

The treachery of the Jackal Clan is infamous throughout the races of Chronopia, and their continued service to the Devout remains a conundrum to this day. Surely the madness that overtook the Dwarven Gods must have somehow affected these warriors to turn them into willing participants in the sadistic march if the Devout. True to their lineage, the crossbowmen of the Jackal Clan are expect marksmen and can be found in abundance when the Devout make war on the remaining Ringholds of the Dwarves.

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Unit Rules from the 2.Edition.

Article print Type: Missile Weapon Warband

Jackal Clan Crossbowman (4 - 8) Costs: 28
812-10 2153 19+32
Jackal Clan Crossbowman Leader (1) Costs: 30
813-11 2153 19+32

Special Rules:
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- Jackal Clan Crossbowmen get a -2 LD when rolling for Panic test. The reason for thos penalty ist that the Jackal Clan additional three points per model when purchasing the Crossbowmen to negate this natural tendency. If the extra cost it selected to be paid, it must be paid for every model in the Warband.
- Jackal Clan Crossbowman are each armed with a Heavy Crossbow and a Dagger.

Heavy Crossbow7142112ROF=1/2


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