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Article print

Abyss Crawler

Faction: Devout

Emerging from deep within the Dusk Realm, Abyss Crawlers have emerged from the Vortexes to take up a terrifying position within the lightless Under Realms of Chronopia as the vanguard of the Devout underground campaign. These massive and powerful beasts are filled with a dark malevolence and a need to crush and rend anything that stands in their path. They are able to force their great bodies through the earth impeded only by solid rock.

Their thick hide is armored with spiked steel plates and their central horn is shod with a steel covering that helps them tear through ground and enemies alike. A disturbing and unfathomable intellect lurks behind their small eyes and as they look upon the Dark Lordís enemies, they do so with an almost all-knowing hatred. According to legend, an Abyss Crawler never forgets the image of their enemies and their alien memories span eons of spite.

Abyss Crawler
© 1999 Target Games

Concept Art
Concept Art

Unit Rules from the 2.Edition.

Article print Type: Close Combat Individual

Abyss Crawler (1) Costs: 125
128-10 36105 2004

Special Rules:
- Steadfast
- Cause Fear
- Trample, DAM 14
- Tunnel
- Abyss Crawlers have a Gore Attack, Natural Weapon (1x) Gore (12x2)


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