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Harbinger of the Darkwings

Faction: Devout

Harbingers are huge, hunched demons who lumber through the battlefields of the Devout wantonly cutting through their enemies with dire blades and a savage bite. So powerful is the bite of a Harbinger that those locked in its jaws seldom escape. The ferocity of these monsters is no doubt caused in large part by the Darkwings that cling to its hide gnawing on its flesh and drinking its blood. Why the Harbinger endures this constant agony is unknown though the relationship has granted the Harbinger a measure of control over these vermin, a control many a warrior has come to fear.

Darkwings swarms cling to the underside of the Harbinger unit until called to attack its enemies. These small bat-like demons cluster around opponents rending their flesh with razor sharp talons and teeth; obscuring vision with their vast numbers and erratic flight. Unlike natural swarms, Darkwings are not put off by flames and smokes.

Harbinger of the Darkwings
© 1997 Target Games

© 1997 Target Games

Concept Art
Concept Art

Unit Rules from the 2.Edition.

Article print Type: Close Combat Individual

Harbinger of the Darkwings (1) Costs: 145
128-10 3363 19-13
Darkwings (0) Costs: -
88-10 1100/6 12-51

Special Rules:
- Harbinger: When the Harbinger of the Darkwings is in CC, it may choose to try to bite its opponent without using an Action (this may only be attempted once per activation). The player must roll to hit as a normal CC attack. If the Bite successfully hits the victim he must take an Armor roll against the Damage 10 weapon (no strength modifier is added). If the Armor roll fails the victim dos not take a Wound but is caught in the Harbinger´s jaws. When the Harbinger has successfully bitten its opponent it automatically inflicts one Wound for every two Actions it spends savaging its victim. The model that was bitten may attempt only to make Break Away test until he escapes, at which point he will still be in base-to-base contact and would need to make a further Break Away test to actually flee.
- Harbinger: Causes Fear
- Harbinger: Steadfast
- Harbinger: When the Harbinger is purchased two Clouds of Darkwings come with him. Each Cloud of Darkwings acts independently of the Harbinger, but they mus start the game at the same time as the Harbinger.
- Darkwings: Flyers
- Darkwings: Because of the swift and erratic flight combined with their swarming natures, the Darkwings are Immune to all Missile and Thrown Weapons.
- Harbingers of the Darkwings are each armed with a Releaser Sword.
- Darkwings have a Tearing Attack, Natural Weapon (1x) 7.

Releaser SwordCC--ST+8(x3)+2 Damage to Summoned Creatures.


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