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Article print

Jackel Clan Scout

Faction: Devout

Like Blood Hunters, the Jackal Clan Scouts are a depraved lot. They move through the battlefield seeking out enemy troops and hidden assailants. The Draught of the Dark Lord is taken by these soldiers to heighten their senses and make them more useful soldiers to the Devout army. Because of this elixir, Jackal Clan Scouts are much more than renegade dwarves; they have been touched by the very power that has seduced them to the Devout cause, its potent effects strengthening the Scout in unholy ways. In battle, Scouts prefer to strike from behind, improving their chances to cripple their opponent and minimizing their own risks.

Jackel Clan Scout (painted by Ruther)
1998 Target Games

Concept Art
Concept Art

Unit Rules from the 2.Edition.

Article print Type: Close Combat Individual

Jackel Clan Scout (1) Costs: 57
148-12 3253 17-42

Special Rules:
- Hide
- Stealth
- Backstab
- Secondary Attack
- If Jackal Clan Scoutattacks from the rear arc of their target they get their first attack with their Claw Spike and a free attack with their Elbow Spike at no penalty. However, with their Secondary Attack the -4 penalty applies to both Claw Spike and Elbow Spike.
- The Jackal Clan has never psychologically accepted the dishonor of their defection from the Iron Council and as such shame manifests itself in battle when they face their own kin. The Jackal Clan Scout gets a -2 CC when fighting other Dwarven Units except those of the Vulture Clan.
- Drawing upon their naturals Clan`talents, the Jackal Clan Scout may expend 2 Actions to catch the scent of any Hidden models within 15 inches of it Hidden models can sense that they have been discovered and are no longer considered Hidden. Remove any Hide counters present. If used against an unrevealed Unit Card, the Card becomes revealed.
- Jackal Clan Couts are each armed with two Claw Spikes and two Elbow Spikes.

Claw SpideCC--ST+1(x2)
Elbow SpikeCC--ST+2The Elbow Spice counts as a free second attack when used the Backstab Special Ability. For Exemple: A Jackal Clan Scout attacks a model from the rear with his Claw Spike, so for the one CC Action he gets an additional attack with this Elbow Spike.


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