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Shadow Stalker

Faction: Devout

To the vile demons of the Devout the blood and souls of mortals are prized treasures and their is no tallyman more dedicated or skilled than the Shadow Stalkers. Passing with barely a whisper and virtually invisible to the eye, Shadow Stalkers take appalling pleasure in the hunt, savoring the final moment of their victims horror when they reveal themselves to their quarry. Superb hunters, Shadow Stalkers can move through enemy warbands unseen, maneuvering for the most advantageous position from which to strike. Armed with a Dark Sword and a vicious parrying claw, the Shadow Stalker is a terror to any force.

Amongst the Elves of Helios it is said that Shadow Stalker were captured Firstborn Knights who have broken under the devices of the Devout Carnomancers. For their failure, they have had their eyelids removed so that they may never turn away from the pain they cause; their mouths sealed so that they may never utter another word after their conversion and oath of loyalty to the Dark Lord. Whether this is true or not, it is a source of great controversy amongst the Firstborn.

Shadow Stalker
2004 Excelsior Entertainment

Concept Art
Concept Art

Unit Rules from the 2.Edition.

Article print Type: Close Combat Individual

Shadow Stalker (1) Costs: 63
148-13 2354 20-22

Special Rules:
- Stalk
- Shadow Stalkers are armed with a Dark Sword and a Parrying Claw.

DarkswordCC--ST+5Infused with Unlife energies.
Parrying ClawCC---This ingenious device fits around the entire forearm of the wearer and consists of a metal armguard and a glove from which a number of hooks extend. The hooks are designed as a defensive measure to catch and deflect attacks from other weapons. Enemies attacking the wielder suffer a CC penalty of -1, and the wielder gains a bonus of +1 when attacking in Close Combat.


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