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The Damned

Faction: Devout

Rippling with a power spawned by millennia of service, the Damned are ferocious lieutenants in the Devout army. Armed with a massive two-handed flail, the Damned moves quickly across the battlefields of Chronopia, seeking souls to bring to the Dark One. Being fast and powerful, the Damned is feared maybe more than most troops for its most insidious power. In the slaughter a Damned creates about itself, it can often be seen lifting the dead and inhaling their essences before those souls have a chance to move on to their eternal reward. Called “Vorshadd” by the Blackblood, a word which translates as "Soultaker", the Damned are feared opponents who have caused many wounded soldiers to hasten their own deaths to avoid the soul-eating breath of this nightmare.

The Damned
© 1998 Target Games

Concept Art
Concept Art

Unit Rules from the 2.Edition.

Article print Type: Close Combat Individual

The Damned (1) Costs: 107
148-10 3474 20-24

Special Rules:
- Steadfast
- Killing Stroke
- Feint
- Cause Fear
- Commanding Presence
- Soul Consumption. When the Damned slays a warrior, it may spend two actions to inhale and consume the soul of its victim and in so doing, restore damage to itself. The Damned may never increase its Wounds beyond its its original 4 and it can only use this power against a freshly killed model. If the model has been dead more than one full activation following its demise, it cannot be consumed, its soul has already fled to its eternal reward. Damned cannot use this power against other Devout as their souls are already claimed by the Dark Lord, nor can they use this power against the Stygian Swarms, Automatons, and Summonings.
- The Damned are each armed with a Two-Handed Flail.

Two-Handed FlailCC--ST+10


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