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The Nameless

Faction: Devout

The Armies of the Devout are lead by powerful personages whose might is augmented directly by the Dark Lord. The Nameless are the strong willed captains that help direct the attacks of the Devout against the faithless. They wield two wicked axes made from a material not found on Chronopia, a material that cannot be destroyed by any known means. Riding large bi-pedal beasts of foul disposition, the Nameless charge into battle with the ferocity borne of knowing the touch of the Dark One himself. Having glimpsed his vastness they believe that victory is assured.

The Nameless
1998 Target Games

The Nameless
The Nameless

Unit Rules from the 2.Edition.

Article print Type: Close Combat Individual

Nameless (1)
158-14 35
Mount (1)
138-10 26
4622 -23127

Special Rules:
- Mounted Troop
- Steadfast
- Cause Fear
- Mount has Leap
- Secondary Attack
- Commanding Presence
- The Nameless may give orders to two seperate units or individuals when using a Give Orders Action. As per the rules for Give Orders, it may only be used once per turn.
- The Nameless are each armed with two Altar Axes.
- Mount have a Bite Attack, Natural Weapon - (1x) Bite (11).

Altar AxeCC--ST+6Infused with Dusk Realm Energies.


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