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The Soul Flayer

Faction: Devout

The first record of the demonic Soul Flayer comes from Ragnar Thrainís account of his defense of his Ringhold. These monstrous winged demons are mercifully not a common sight in Devout armies though when they appear it is a cause for note. Hailing from deep in the Dusk Realm and summoned by the Prophet Aleha, the Soul Flayers are massively potent and possessed of a powerful and disturbing presence. Tough and resilient, their veins pulsing with burning ichors, Soul Flayers are among the most dangerous known forces in the Devout army.

In battle these juggernauts can spew forth gouts of Bale-Fire, dark unholy flames which sear both the flesh and soul alike. They wield massive axes known as Bone Cleavers with amazing agility. Few doors can withstand the power of these weapons for long. Possessed of a cruel and alien intelligence, Soul Flayers command all lesser Devout forces through sheer force of will.

Soul Flayer
© 1999 Target Games

Concept Art
Concept Art

Unit Rules from the 2.Edition.

Article print Type: Close Combat Individual

Soul Flayer (1) Costs: 137
158-13 35113/5 22-25

Special Rules:
- Flyer
- Steadfast
- Cause Dread
- Secondary Attack
- Commanding Presence
- A Soul Flayer may spend one Action to spew Bale-Fire once per turn. The bale-fire attack uses the Flame Template, with a DAM 11 Residual Damage Attack.
- Soul Flayers are each armed with two massive Bone Cleavers.

Bone CleaverCC--ST+5Massive Size (usable by Size 5 only), Bludgeoning +1


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