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The Tormented

Faction: Devout
Type: Close Combat Individual

The suicidal Tormented are as much a source of pity as they are of terror. Their pathetic grunting and languishing cries instill in their foes a deep dread; a festering terror of what awaits the enemies of the Dark Lord. Only the Dark Lord and the Carnomancers that serve him know the mysteries of their existence. In battle, the Tormented will attempt to cause as much death and mutilation as possible, for in the killing of the Devoutís enemies it seems to receive a slight respite from the eternal torment of its existence. Though slight, this respite drives the Tormented to seek battle where it will either create a massive slaughter or, thus earn a brief pause in itīs suffering or be killed ending its pain completely.

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Tormented (1) Costs: 84
138-10 34103 20-14

Special Rules:
- Berserk
- Steadfast
- Cause Fear
- Feint
- Cannot Run
- Gore Attack, Natural Weapon (1x) Gore (12).

The Tormented
© 1998 Target Games

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Concept Art


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