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Goblin Ripper-Beast Lancer

Faction: Blackblood

If one animal could embody more malice and viciousness, it has yet to be recorded in the Lexicon Beastarius of the lands of Chronopia. The Ripper Beasts are nothing more than insanely quick killing machines. They are ravenous beasts who not only have an insatiable appetite but are also the only animals known to kill for sport.

So foul tempered are these beasts that only the Goblins have mastered the techniques to control them to any degree. It is suspected by the Orc Alchemists of the Empire that the Goblins feed the Ripper Beasts some mixture that makes them receptive to their control. They have spent considerable resources attempting to learn what this mixture might be and to date they have no idea if this theory is even remotely accurate. Many a frustrated Alchemist, having created a potent mind numbing mixture, has witnessed its slaves torn to pieces by a Ripper Beast who seems unaffected by all their efforts.

Lancers as units are used as fast assault troops specializing in cutting a wide path of destruction in an enemy’s line allowing the rest of the army to follow in the opening created. Capable of quick changes in direction, the Ripper Beast is a superior weapon that the Empire is beginning to take more seriously.

Goblin Ripper-Beast Lancer
Goblin Ripper-Beast Lancer
© 1998 Target Games

Unit Rules from the 2.Edition.

Article print Type: Close Combat Warband

Lancer (2 - 4)
98-11 23
Ripper Beast (2 - 4)
88-10 24
2717 +1263

Special Rules:
- 2-4 Ripper-Beast Lancer in the Troop.
- Mounted Troop
- Leap
- Goblin Lancers are each armed with a Lance and a Scimitar.
- Ripper Beasts have a Beak Attack, Natural Weapon - (1x) Beak (7).
Mortal and Beast



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