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Ogre Heavy Infantry

Faction: Blackblood

There is perhaps nothing as terrifying to an infantry as the sight of the Ogre Heavy Infantry taking the field of battle. Armed with huge Falchions easily the size of most dwarves, these savage warriors are the most fearsome units in the Blackblood army. While possessed of the same bloodlust that drives the rest of the Blackblood race, the Ogres have been able to focus their slaughter, making them both brutally dangerous and horribly organized.

In some units of Heavy Infantry a Swordmaster may be found setting the pace for the unit. As if the sight of four-hundred pounds of enraged Ogre wouldn´t be unnerving enough, the swirling blades of the Ogre Swordmaster create a horrific image. Wielding two massive Falchions capable of slicing even the strongest armor, the Swordmaster strives to get into close melee with as many enemies as he can.

Carrying on the wise use of standards begun by the Orc Emperors, the Ogre Standard Bearer adopts a focal role in a unit’s formation, providing both direction and inspiration for those units under its sway. In addition to providing added motivation for his fellow troops, the Standard Bearer is a dangerous fighter who is more than willing to demonstrate his skills and commitment to his Emporer.

Ogre Heavy Infantry
Ogre Heavy Infantry
© 1997 Target Games

Ogre Heavy Infantry Leader
© 1998 Target Games

Concept Art
Concept Art
© Target Games

3D Model
© 2022 Uhrwerk-Verlag

3D Model
© 2022 Uhrwerk-Verlag

Unit Rules from the 2.Edition.

Article print Type: Close Combat Warband

Ogre Heavy Infantry (2 - 4) Costs: 44
128-12 2263 2203
Ogre Heavy Infantry Swordmaster (0 - 1) Costs: 51
138-12 2263 2203
Ogre Heavy Infantry Standard Bearer (0 - 1) Costs: 44
128-12 2263 2203
Ogre Heavy Infantry Leader (1) Costs: 46
138-13 2263 22-13

Special Rules:
- Cause Fear
- Ferocity
- Swordmaster have the Secondary-Attack Special Ability.
- You must purchase four Ogre Heavy Infantry to purchase one Ogre Heavy Infantry Swordmaster.
- Ogre Heavy Infantry and Leaders are eached armed with a Falchion and a Shield.
- Ogre Heavy Infantry Swordmasters are armed with two Falchions.
- Ogre Heavy Infantry Standard Bearers are armed with a Falchion, a Shield and may purchase a Standard from the avaible standards list.



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