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Faction: Blackblood

Of all the major races of the Blackblood Empire, the most enigmatic and devastating are the Trolls. Possessing strength superior to the Ogres and speed to match the Orcs, Trolls are a source of great pride to the Blackblood army. Trolls epitomize all the warrior qualities the Iron Code extols. While normally considerably calmer than other Blackbloods, Trolls are terrifying combatants, wielding devastating power with four arms. Many arm themselves with wicked blades that are extended from massive gauntlets, while others wield nets and two-handed falchions.

Because of their superior strength and multitude of appendages, Trolls will often engage in close combat with multiple attackers and seem completely at ease doing so. Fortunately Trolls do not seem to be present in every Blackblood force and are often held in reserve for larger engagements. It is said by those that have faced the Blackbloods in war that the importance the Blackbloods´ place on an engagement can be measured by the number of Trolls that join the battle.

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Concept Art
Concept Art

Painted Model
Painted Model
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Unit Rules from the 2.Edition.

Article print Type: Close Combat Individual

Troll (1) Costs: 102
1410-12 3483 21-24

Special Rules:
- Steadfast
- Cause Fear
- Ferocity
- Secondary Attack
- Commanding Presence
- For each Close-Combat Action the Troll makes three attacks: one with his Two-Handed Falchion and one with each of his two Gauntlet Scythes. You must therefore state before you Action which will be your Primary and which will be your Secondary Attack. A Troll armed with a Net cannot use that Net in CC. See the description of the Net.
- Trolls are armed with either: Two Gauntlet Scythes, a Falchion and a Net. OR Two Gauntlet Scythes and a Two-Handed Falchion.

Two-Handed FalchionCC--ST+10May Sweep.
Gauntlet ScytheCC--ST+3(x2)
Net2+STR--*When the net is thrwon, roll to hit as normal, if successful and your opponent fails his armor roll, then he has been netted. A netted model is placed on its side and considered prone. The only thing a netted model may do is make break test to attempt to free himself from the net. The Strength of the Net is 10.


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