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Troll Deathseeker

Faction: Blackblood

The Deathseeker Troll is the worst nightmare of the Firstborn soldier. Possessed of the strength of five men, armed to the teeth with cruel blades, protected by a thick natural hide and driven by a fanatically obsessive focus, a Troll Deathseeker emerging from an atacking force can cause opposing troops to break rank upon merely their foe.

The number of Deathseeker Trolls is thankfully small, though this fact does little to bolster morale when they are seen. It is said that the Deathseeker Troll has looked into the "Long Night", a term they use to refer death, and has come away with its deepest secrets. possessed of none of the fears that death holds for most mortal races, the Deathseeker Troll will engage any foe, undertake any quest and brave any danger without hesitation.

Troll Deathseeker
Troll Deathseeker
2006 Cyclopes Forge

Concept Art
Concept Art

3D Model
2022 Uhrwerk-Verlag

Unit Rules from the 2.Edition.

Article print Type: Close Combat Individual

Troll Deathseeker (1) Costs: 135
168-12 3493 22-34

Special Rules:
- Cause Fear
- Ferocity
- Berserk
- Indomitable Will
- Secondary Attack
- Commanding Presence
- For each Close-Combat Action the Deathseeker Troll makes three attacks: one with his Two-Handed Razor Sword and one with each of his two Short Razor Swords. You must therefore state before your Action which will be your Primary and which will be your Secondary Attack.
Example: A Deathseeker Troll is locked in Close Combat. He decides to attack first with his Two-Handed Razor Sword; making this his primary attack. So his CC is 15. He then makes his Secondary Attack with his two Short Razor Swords. So rolls two attacks with a CC 11 (15 with the -4 penalty).

- Deathseeker Trolls are armed with two Razor Swords, and a Two Handed Razor Sword.

Two-Handed Razor SwordCC--St+9(x2)
Razor SwordCC--ST+2(x2)


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