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Novice Shaman

Becoming a Shaman is no easy achievement, and the road to wisdom is filled with endless trials and certain pain. The Novice Shamans must undergo many strenuous test of dedication. One of the most feared is the "Trial of the Mantis". During this ritual a Novice Shaman must hang from a very high branch off the sacred tree for a full day, suspended only by sharp mantis pincers piercing the skin of his chest.

Novice Shaman have to prove themselves constantly, which they do by accompanying units of Spearmen, Heavy Spearmen and Mantis Guard into battle. They have not yet been taught the secret powers of the Yellow Lotus and must rely instead on cunning and physical ability. By leading warbands successfully over many battles, a Novice will eventually by further tutored by his mentor to wield the power of the sap.

Novice Shaman arm themselves with a Lore Staff and either Gourd Bombs or a Powder Pipe.

Novice Shaman
Novice Shaman
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from William John Meegan:
I just read that novice Eskimo shamans have to learn all the ritual names of the skeleton bones. I esoterically study the first chapter of Genesis and inference in the fifth and six days of creation (206 words) is that the skeleton should be studied. Much has to be known to know why that nuance is there, which I won't go into; but, reading about the Eskimo Shamans was enlightening.

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