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Mantis Guard Champion

Faction: Swamp Goblins

Unlike the Headhunter Champion who is avoided for reasons of safety, the Mantis Guard Champion is very much a celebrity to this tribe. Awarded the position for his distinguished service, the Mantis Guard Champion represents the blendig of Swamp Goblin cunning and years of experience, making him one of their most formidable combatants.

Armed with twin Mantis claws, weapons he had to obtain himself, the Champion is a dervish of ferocity in melee. Resolute and quick, a Mantis Champion is a foe whose size belies an innate strength.

Mantis Guard Champion
Mantis Guard Leader
1999 Target Games

Head of a Mantis Guard Champion
Concept Art
Head of a Mantis Guard Champion

Unit Rules from the 2.Edition.

Article print Type: Close Combat Individual

Mantis Guard Champion (1) Costs: 76
148-15 3333 16-41

Special Rules:
- Swamp Warrior
- Group Attack
- Steadfast
- Ferocity
- Secondary Attack
- Commanding Presence
- The Mantis Guard Champion is armed with two Mantis Claws.

Mantis ClawCC--ST+3A Model armed with a pair of Mantis Claws can use the together to make one attack instead of two attacks using the secondary attack penalty. When used like this the Damage of the attack is 12.


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