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Headhunter Champion

Faction: Swamp Goblins

To be accorded the prestige of being labeled a Headhunter Champion is both an honor and a badge of exclusion. A Headhunter Champion earns this position by triumphing over numerous battles and coming away with a staggering amount of trophies; symbols of is power and ferocity to the rest of the tribe. Additionally he is known to be a bit unhinged, being prone to fits of rage and depression. Preferring to be alone, Champions live on the fringes of Headhunter society, aware their kin are close but far enough away to graple with their inner demons without harming their "family".

In a frantic naming ceremony, the tribe of Headhunters awards these suicidal killing machines the status of Champion and confers upon them great honors and respect. only when the tribe must go into battle do they bother to rouse their Champions and loose them battle.

Headhunter Champion
Headhunter Champion
2001 Excelsior Entertainment

Unit Rules from the 2.Edition.

Article print Type: Close Combat Individual

Headhunter Champion (1) Costs: 86
138-14 3243 13-41

Special Rules:
- Swamp Warrior
- Ferocity
- Steadfast
- Secondary Attack
- Commanding Presence
- The Headhunter Champion is armed with two Chitin Axes.

Chitin AxeCC--ST+2


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