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Hunting Spiders

Rules: Download the game stats from Hunting Spiders (pdf, 52kb)

The Fallen Lands hold many indigenous beings, creatures of cruel intent and savage cunning. The Hunting Spiders trained by the Children of the Gord are some of the worst tempered in the Fallen Lands.

To the Blackbloods they are the Sadihb al eida, or translated into the First tongue, "devourer of the soul". They have earned this name for the revolting way it attacks; for in its melee it tears parts of its opponents from him and chews it as it fights. Often its foes have fallen helpless to its baleful glare, unable to find strength enough to fight back. In this "death gaze", Blackbloods have come to believe the Spiders are drawing out their victims soul before feasting on their flesh. Survivors have corroborated the feeling of being outside of themselves and unable to act.

Unlike other spiders, it does not cocoon its prey for it grinds its meat between powerful mandibles and rows of vicious teeth. It has also been reported to be a scavanger, though whether this is by choice or necessity is unknown to most.

Always traveling in pairs, Hunting Spiders are fast and capable of surprising infiltration. These cunning fiends are calculating hunters, often sent deep behind enemy lines where they will cause great havoc and bring death to the enemies of the Fallen Lands. Hunting Spiders are attended to by a Webmaster Leader or Novice Shaman.

Hunting Spiders
Hunting Spiders
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