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Blackblood Devout Dwarven
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Stygian Swamp Goblins
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Swamp Fiend

The heaviest known beasts of war in the enigmatic Swamp Goblin swarms are the Swamp Fiends. These massive insectlike beasts are raised from larvae that the Swamp Goblin Hunters take from the Brood Nests of the wild Swamp Fiend which lie to the northeast of the Fallen Lands. These large and heavily armored creatures easily match any threat that has yet to oppose them in the jungle. The Goblins use them at the forefront of their major assaults. They forge through the jungle carrying a small band of Swamp Goblins on their spiny backs who strike down at the enemy with wickedly sharp Chitin Spears and Blowpipes. Because of its size and stride, Swamp Fiends may move over obstructions up to two inches in height.

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Swamp Fiend
Swamp Fiend
Concept Art


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