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Faction: Swamp Goblins

Swamp Goblins share the belief that they are as much a part of the Fallen Lands as any plant or animal in the jungle. The most striking example of this coexistence can be seen in the relationship between the Swamp Goblins and the Yellow Lotus flower. The Yellow Lotus and the Swamp Goblins are effectively symbiotic; the Yellow Lotus only grows in areas of the jungle where the Goblins dwell. The Goblins use the Lotus in almost every aspect of their lives from food, drink and medicine, to poisons and even for communing with the Spirit World.

By careful preparation and consumption, the Shaman can pass into the Spirit World where they learn the wisdom of their ancestors and seek guidance in leading the tribe. While the Yellow Lotus holds a special power to Shaman, all Swamp Goblins partake of the lotus for only by doing so can they hear the Song of the Fallen Land. Evidence of their reliance on this powerful drug can be seen in their yellow eyes which are saturated with the essence of this most exotic of flowers.

Only Shaman know the secrets of preparing the Yellow Lotus for its many uses and as such enjoy a high status above any other in the tribe. A powerful Shaman can do much to raise the standing of the tribe and all tribes hope that their Shaman might one day become Elder Shaman, emerging from the Spirit World ahead of all other contenders to take his place at the Tree of Life.

The Shamans generally prefer to ride into combat situations, having earned the right to be born on the backs of the mosquito-like Drones that are bred by the tribe as flying mounts. This allows the Shaman to make the most of their skills and move over the battlefield bringing aid to their comrades or attacking the enemy where they will. The Shamans are able to empower their people with mystical concoctions of drugs and spores which allow them to fight with even greater efficiency. They are also able to attack the enemy by dropping the nests of vicious hornets among them or by showering down the seeds from the deadly Yukka. Shaman have also been known to channel the power of the Fallen Land itself against their enemies.

Shaman on Drone
Shaman on Drone
? Target Games

Shaman on Drone
Shaman on Drone
Concept Art

Unit Rules from the 2.Edition.

Article print Type: Close Combat Individual

Shaman (1)
12121214 23
Drone (1)
108-10 23
31/616 -2385

Special Rules:
- Mounted Troop
- Flyer
- Shamans may purchase power from the Shaman Lore Spells.
- May Dive for Cover.
- Commanding Presence
- Shamans use their RC Stat when trying to hit with certain of their Shaman Lore attacks and if they miss then roll for Deviation as normal. To calculate the range between the Shaman and the target add difference in height to the horizontal distance between them, counting 3 inches per height band.
- You may only purchase one Shaman Drone rider for every 1000 points in your army.
- Shamans are armed with a Lore Staff.
- Drone has a Sting Attack, Natural Weapon - (1x) Sting (9) Residual Damage Attack.
Mortal & Insect

Lore StaffCC--ST+4


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