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The Factions:
Blackblood Devout Dwarven
Elven Firstborn Sons of Kronos
Stygian Swamp Goblins
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Drone Warriors

The Swamp Goblins utilize many giant insect-like beasts. Some are hunted for meat or to milk for exotic juices, but most are used as beasts of war. The giant mosquito-like Drones are used as mounts and scouts both in daily life and in times of war. They act as border guards quickly alerting the tribe to any approaching dangers and in battle Drone Warriors fly a tribe's warrior into combat.

On the battlefield these Drone Warriors constantly harass enemy troops by flying overhead, keeping just out of range and raining down poisonous darts from their blowpipes and sometimes even diving down to allow the Drone to attack with its poisonous sting. They are also given the task of pursuing any survivors that might escape the battlefield, relaying their position back to the swarm to insure none should leave the Fallen Land with secrets of their domain.

Drone Warriors
Drone Warriors
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Drone Warriors
Drone Warriors
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