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Faction: Swamp Goblins

The Webmasters play a diverse and capable role in Swamp Goblin Society, encompassing areas from hunting and trapping to tribal defense.. Using their barbed spider-silk nets they entangle their enemies, harassing them and slowing them down. Their jungle skills allow them to outflank an enemy in order to set up an ambush and hinder fast-moving units, thus giving the main body of Spearmen and Heavy Spearmen a great advantage when they begin the direct assault.

2001 Excelsior Entertainment

Webmasters - Leader
2001 Excelsior Entertainments

Concept Art

Unit Rules from the 2.Edition.

Article print Type: Close Combat Warband

Webmaster (4 - 10) Costs: 29
810-10 2133 1601
Webmaster Leader (1) Costs: 39
811-11 2133 1601

Special Rules:
- Swamp Warrior
- Outmaneuver
- Hide
- Start the Game Hidden.
- Webmasters are armed with a Net and a Spiked Chitin Mace.
- The Webmaster Leader is armed with a Web Spinner Staff.
- The Webmaster Leader may purchase an arachnid "pet" to use in combat on the Web Spinner Staff.

Net2+STR--*When the net is thrwon, roll to hit as normal, if successful and your opponent fails his armor roll, then he has been netted. A netted model is placed on its side and considered prone. The only thing a netted model may do is make break test to attempt to free himself from the net. The Strength of the Net is 10.
Spiked Chitin MaceCC--ST+2(x2)
Web Spinner StaffCC--ST+2When the Web Spinner Staff shoots its Web simply place the Spinner Staff Template touching the attacking models base. All models touched by the template must make a successful "Dodge" roll to see is they avoided the sticky web. Each model must roll a D20, on a roll of a 10 or less they have successfully dodged the web. If they failed to avoid the web place the model on its side and it is considered prone. The only thing a webbed model may do is make break tests to attempt to free himself from the net. The Strength of the Net is 10. If a Special Spider selected, its abilities supercede the ones listed here.


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