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Tenebrous Crawler

When the mountainous border fortresses of the nothern Blackblood Satrap reported sightings of a massive Desert Crawler capable of moving through the rocky and harsh terrain of the region, it was dismissed as impossible. In the intervening months these creatures began coinciding with the appearance of a strong Stygian horde presence. They even seemed to be fighting along side these ravenous swarms and during these encounters the differences between this beast and its southern cousin became apparent.

Called a Tenebrous Crawler by the first Blackblood garrison that survived an encounter with it, this monstrous beast ssems to serve as not only a ferocious killing juggernaut, but as the chief means by which the Stygian gain passage to the rocky northern lands. The Tenebrous Crawler tunnels through the compacted earth, its thicker plating and powerful head crest easily cutting through the difficult subterranean strata. Behind it, swarms of Stygian follow silently awaiting for the signal for the crawler to surface and the attack to begin.

While not as fast as a Desert Crawler, the Tenebrous Crawler is stronger, larger and more vicious. It prefers to attack with either its great maw or its massive bulk. In either case the Tenebrous Crawler is usually at the vanguard of a Stygian attack. At the Blackblood border fortress of Karmak Sidre it was reported by survivors that three of these great beasts erupted from the ground with three columns of Stygian quickly had access to the inner fortress. While it seems exact sizes vary, all reports place these monster as enormous.

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