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Venom Spawn

Faction: Stygian

Venom Spawn has rows of thin, scythe-like legs to pull its bloated body along. It is so vile and repulsive their very appearance causes fear in those that see it. Its rear quarters house a series of massive, bulbous sacks of acid, which the Spawn projects through a hollow tongue at its victims. So potent is this acid that is will eat through metal plates in seconds, searing into the flesh below. Their blind, hooded heads are easily recognizable on the battlefield.

Blackblood Alchemists have put a high bounty on the corpses of Venom Spawn as their acid makes for a superior ingredient for their craft. Obtaining a reasonably intact corpse however is incredibly difficult, which is the only thing that slows down the Blackbloods exploitation of this new ingredient as a weapon.

Venom Spawn is a sub-race of Stygian, more primal, hostile and ferocious than their brethren. The Venom Spawn is treated almost like a pet when they are found in a Stygian horde.

Venom Spawn
Venom Spawn
© 1999 Target Games

Unit Rules from the 2.Edition.

Article print Type: Missile Weapon Individual

Venom Spawn (1) Costs: 68
1010-10 2343 1603

Special Rules:
- Desert Warrior
- Steadfast
- Cold Blooded
- Causes Fear
- Cannot Run
- Spit Venom: The Venom Spawn may spend one Action to spit a corrosive stream of venom at an opponent up to 12 inches away, Natural Weapon - (1x) Venom (12) Residual Damage Attack. If a model with more than one Wound sustains damage from this attack, it must keep making damage rolls until it either dies or successfully defends against it. This represents the corrosive of the Venom Spawn acid. The Venom attack may not be used in Close Combat as the Spawn´s hide is not immune to their own acidic venom.
- Venom Spawn have a Claw attack, Natural Weapon - (2x) Claw (14).


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