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Tree Devil

Faction: Stygian

The Stygian Tree Devil is a terrifying adversary. With a hiding ability superior to the Reapers’, they lurk unseen in the branches and dense jungles of the Fallen Land and no one can predict where they are going to strike. When they do make their move, they do so with blinding speed and surgical precision. Tales tell of soldiers who were snatched quietly from beside their comrades and slaughtered before they could even as much as cry out for help.

A Tree Devil can wreak havoc on an opponent’s force and is frequently the target of manhunts and spell fire because of it. Thankfully for the rest of the modern races, they are rare and infrequent additions to a Stygian host. In battle a Tree Devil will invariably strike from concealment as often as it can, rending its prey with razor-sharp claws and its smaller chest pinions.

Tree Devil
Tree Devil
© 1999 Target Games

Tree Devil
Tree Devil
Concept Art

Unit Rules from the 2.Edition.

Article print Type: Close Combat Individual

Tree Devil (1) Costs: 62
128-10 3143 15-32

Special Rules:
- Cold Blooded
- Climb
- Unseen Assailant
- Cannot Run
- Only one Tree Devil may be purchased for every 1000 points in your army.
- Tree Devil have a Claw attack, Natural Weapon - (2x) Claw (10).


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