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The Embalmed are similar in appearance and size to the Guardians, but they appear to have undergone some unnatural ritual to enhance their awesome abilities; they are the elite warriors of the Stygians hellish horde. Their limbs are slightly withered and the remnants of ceremonial dressings hang loosely from their bodies like a revered mark of honor, giving them the appearance that they have at one time been “embalmed” but have now risen stronger than ever.

In reality this is fairly accurate. The Embalmed are Guardians who have served their Priestess with distinction, a notable feat in a race with little individuality. These superior warriors are brought before the great Goddess’s statue located in the inner sanctum of the Chaos Tombs. Here they are purified in nightmarish rituals; their bodies wrapped up in treated cloths where they enter a pain-induced sleep. Once the bliss of oblivion has embraced these warriors, the Priestesses and her attendants remove the blood of the Guardian in a vampiric ritual and transfer it to specially prepared canopic jars. The blood is then imbued with the alien alchemy known only to the Priestesses and charged with the magic of their Dark Goddess. The whole process takes days to complete.

Once finished, the Priestess will restore the blood to the Guardians body and wait for it to revive him. Sometime in the coming few days, amid agonizing screams of pain and suffering, the newly created Embalmed will awaken, tearing its ritual garb as it slowly regains its focus and the pain subsides.

Empowered by a primal force unknown to the modern world, the Embalmed serve as the Priestesses elite warriors and assassins.

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