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Faction: Stygian

The most pitiful addition to the Stygian ranks is the Drugged. These are captured warriors from the other races of the world. If the Stygian Gatherers find a warrior still alive after the battle, the pathetic wretch is dragged back to the Chaos Tombs where they begin his service to the Dark Goddess. The lucky captured are tortured and sacrificed on the blood altars of Tiamat by the Priestesses, their souls consigned to the oblivion which contains their mighty Mistress, their blood empowering the Scion Stones. The unlucky captured have had their heads shaved and are fed with a supply of mind-numbing drugs that put the victim into a waking, death-like trance from which there is no waking.

These captives are then driven ahead of the Stygian warriors to act as living shields. As more sacrifices are made on the altars of Tiamat, the Stygian become more powerful and no one can guess what new monsters stir in the depths of the Chaos Tombs.

1998 Target Games

Unit Rules from the 2.Edition.

Article print Type: Close Combat Individual

Drugged (Special) Costs: 5
88-10 2103 1202

Special Rules:
- Steadfast
- Cannot Run
- The Drugged are purchase as additional members to an existing Stygian Unit, as a kind of walking shield, and may NOT be purchase to make a Warband of their own.
- The Drugged are tethered by chains around their necks. The Stygians may release them whenever they choose but they must release all of them. Once released the Drugged may noot perform any Actions until the Stygian regain control of them. The Stygian may come back for the Drugged at any time but ist costs one Action to regain control of one Drugged. To regain control the Stygian must be within Command Distance of the Drugged. The Drugged can only be controlled by Stygian Units able to purchase them.
- The Movement of any Unit using the Drugged is limited to that of the Drugged. Example: A Warband of Stygian Warriors, using Drugged for cover from missile fire, have their Movement reduced from 4 to 3, until such time as all the Drugged are killed or released.
- If a Drugged is activated first it does not count as the Leader of the Warband for that turn. The Drugged may not perform any attack Action though they can be attacked as normal.
- None


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