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Faction: Stygian

The mainstays of the Stygian war machine are its close combat warbands and they are found in every engagement and outnumber all the other warriors in a Stygian force. Agile and quick, the swordsmen wield bronze blades designed to take advantage of their size and speed being not too long but broad enough to be able to hack through most armor.

When the great race awoke from its long sleep, the swordsmen armed themselves and made ready to see the new world their Goddess had left for them. Swordsmen actually fight in small warband units with their brethren and though they have the appearance of all being one large force, this is only an illusion fostered by the direction of the Priestesses who guide these forces. The Swordsmen engage the enemy in close combat, confident that their skills will defeat any opponent.

The Swordsmen also serve as missile throwers. Armed with throwing darts which they keep in great straps in their shields, the Swordsmen will hurl these at an enemy from behind the comfort of both their shield and their Drugged servant. While all these warriors may have Drugged slaves, the Swordsmen are the ones who most usually have them in tow.

Like the Swordsmen, Axemen are a common sight in battles with the Stygian host. Armed with their strange, heavy axes, these warriors specialize in attacking heavily armored troops and war machines. During the battles of Ipkur-Kish, many Repulsar Knights were torn apart by the fast blows of a circling Axemen. The power of an Axeman’s swing has been known to splinter the strongest door or shield. Acting in concert, Axemen make quick work of fortifications and defenses. In battle, these are troops often howl strange ululations as if their grizzly works were somehow being noticed by a higher power.

The Spearmen round out the most common Stygian basic troops. Armed with wicked spears that are far too heavy to be used by most other races, the Stygian Spearmen are an eerie sight to behold. Their spears raise and lower as if they were practicing a drill and their major focus on the battlefield seems to be mounted troops. According to many battle reports, the Spearmen almost instinctively maneuver themselves into a position to strike at the enemy’s cavalry. While possessing little of the grandeur of the Iron Guard, the Spearmen can brace against a charge with alarming ease, their low center of gravity making them even more deadly.

© ? Target Games

© ? Target Games

© ? Target Games

Concept Art
Concept Art

Unit Rules from the 2.Edition.

Article print Type: Close Combat Warband

Stygian Swordsman (0 - 6) Costs: 35
118-10 2144 16-22
Stygian Spearman (0 - 6) Costs: 37
118-10 2144 16-12
Stygian Axemen (0 - 6) Costs: 38
118-10 2144 16-12

Special Rules:
- Desert Warrior
- Steadfast
- Leap
- Cold Blooded
- Each Stygian Warrior can control up to one Drugged. One Drugged may be purchased for each Stygian Warrior in your army.
- A Troop Stygian Warrior have 6 - 12 different Warrior. No more than 6 Warrior from same typ.
- Stygian Swordsmen are each armed with a Talon-Sword, a Shield and Throwing Darts.
- Stygian Spearmen are each armed with a Talon-Spear.
- Stygian Axemen are each armed with a Two-Handed Stygian Axe.

Talon SwordCC--ST+3
Talon SpearCC--ST+7
Two-Handed Stygian AxeCC--ST+9


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