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The Graveyard

Author: Commander Gawyn Đ 1998

Commander Gawyn looked out on the hills worriedly. His scouts hadnīt returned, not one of them! Although they where cowardly Jackals, he had though atleast one would be able to finish the job. He was in a bad terrain, guarding the Necromancer Argrond while he used an old firstborn graveyard to refresh Gawyns horde of risen. After the tough battle against the Obsidian Serpent he was in for a bad need of recruits.

But his mission hadnīt been unnoticed by the firstborns. He could swear they would be storming over the hills soon. If only Argrond could hurry up, he would soon have enough risens to met almost anyone!


The battle is mainly supposed to take place between the Firstborns and the Devout.

The Devout is looting an old graveyard and is therefore granted with 4 risens each turn for free. Devouts Necromancer can use his free raise dead ability in the graveyard without having to see a body. In game terms the graveyard will give the Devout with an endless source of bodies. All humans. There are no set turns which would anounce victory for any of the players in a 2 player combat. If more players want to participate I think that the Firstborns must have beaten the Devout by turn 7-11 or their cause would be lost, this is ofcourse not an optional rule and it is open for discussion, after all itīs your game! (but my scenario :) The Devout lose if all their necromancers goes down. And the necromancer canīt leave the graveyard. If the Devout has 2 necromancers atleast one must be in the graveyard and so on.. One of the Necromancers (If there is more than one) should have an action less because of his work with bringin forth the dead...

The Devout may purchase Commander Gawyn, its costly, but it would be cool! (but pleas try to keep me alive would ya? Iīd hate to be an undead!)
I dont think the 1 necromancer per 1000 point is a good rule in this scenario. It is still the same for the Warped lord ofcourse, but I think itīs possible for Argrond to have brought a buddy or two...

I think that a 500 points devout against an 1200 firstborn would be adviceable, because of the steady growt of the Devout army. Players might want to change this if a third or forth player want to participate.

I havent really set a terrain because I think itīs half the joy of the battle :)
But a graveyard is a must. If u have the materials a church might come handy. A nice fence around the graveyard would look real nice to.
A hill or two should seperate the Firstborns line of sight to the graveyard and the Devout.
The Devouts should start in the graveyard or next to it.
If the graveyard should be placed upon a hill or in a valley is up to you to decide. In either way you would have two different scenarios.

If a third member enters and want to aid the firstborns try to equal things out. The devouts points should atleast be a third of their enemies. Example Firstborns 900 points, Dwarfs 900 p, and Devout 600 points.

Another option could be to bring in a Stygian (Blackblood, Dwarf etc. can also work out if u havent got/want a stygian army) player who wants to kill the firstborn Chronomancer or Judge etc.. In that case we would have a three player chase scenario (I would love to try that one.. :). The Stygian army would really chase the Firstborns because of their 4" move.

Another idea could be to send a lending hand to the Devout In turn 4 or 5. In that case u might want to strenghten the firstborn army to 1500 points. But the aiding hand should be around the same as the firstborns to be a real treath. (Note that the main goal is still to kill the necromancer...)

One of the problems u could be facing is that u run out of skeletonproxis since the real thing hasnīt come out yet..and which normal person uses 40 skeleton in a normal game anyway?
Well u can just hope he kills your troopers so u can bring forth new ones I guess, but that doesnt sound so good.... And skeleton proxis loking like Space marines with bolt gunes really isnt the same...

One of the reasons I wrote this is because of the devouts declining efforts in defending something. If u want to defend u usually must start another army with lots of missile troops.(Dwarven X-bows havent arrived here yet...*sigh*). I might be wrong in this ofcourse, Iīm just talking about my own experiences...

Here is some special character for this scenario. Its up to you if u want to use them or not...

Commander Gawyn - Nameless (1.Edition rules)
16 8 - 17 3 3 3 6 25 -2 2 125

Special Abilities:
- Mounted troop
- Immune to panic and fear
- The Leap special ability
- Can give orders twice per turn (see namless commander, If u want u can use him as a proxie.. I havenīt come out in the store yet.. :)
- Aura of Greatness which gives friendly troops within 4" +2 CC
- Cause Fear
- Mount attack with a bite, 10 damage
- takes half damage from firebased attacks.
Cursed Blade (Damage 9x3)

Argrond The Necromancer (1.Edition rules)
10 10 17 15 3 2 1 3 20 +1 1 85

Special Abilities:
- Imune to panic and fear
- Cause fear
- May purchase necromancer spells
Staff of the seven hells


U would also be free to post this scenario on your personal webbsite so long as you donīt change it or erazes my name from it. But feel free to add a comment or two before or after "my" text :). When writing this I havenīt tried the scenario myself yet so a few changes might come. So if u like it, look for the update that is to come. :)

Note that some of the game terms has been translated from english to swedish from target, and then translated back by me. Some changes might have occured..

The special characters was from the start a nameless and a necromancer. I just altered the stats and the points somehow. So I dont know if the points is right...

Carl "Gawyn" Hallén Sweden 15/7 -98


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