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Black Lotus Eater

Faction: Elven

The black lotus is a highly prized treasure among the Elves of the Obsidian Serpent. It is distilled by the Lotus Eaters for a variety of social uses and has proven to be an excellent aperitif for controlling their enemy´s minds. To the Lotus Eaters who study it though it confers a great variety of power and abilities.

The Black Lotus Eater is an opportunistic anipulator. Unlike his fellow Lotus Eater, his is a power that is held in check in part by his oqn paranoia given to him by the lotus flower itself. Black Lotus Eater do not train elite guardians to protect them as other lotus eaters do, they do not trust anyone that much. Black Lotus Eaters prefer to dominate their own guards and servants using their trusted lotus flowers to erode a beings free will and make them subjects to their commands. That anyone could break this control only seems to strengthen their resolve that free will is their first enemy.

Where mind controlled slaves are not enough, the Black Lotus Eaters will also animate the very earth itself to create guardians that will never betray them. Black Lotus Eaters prefer to stay in the shadows directing their agents to action on their behalf. On the battlefield, Black Lotus Eaters tend to stay in the back of the force waiting for just the right time to use their powers.

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ConceptArt of Black Lotus Eater
Concept Art

Unit Rules from the 2.Edition.

Article print Type: Close Combat Individual

Black Lotus Eater (1) Costs: 60
881515 3243 15+12

Special Rules:
- Steadfast
- Immune to all harmful Black Lotus Magic.
- Commanding Presence
- May purchase spells from the Black Lotus Spell List.
- You may only purchase one Lotus-Eater for every 1000 points in your army.
- Lotus Eater are armed with a Longsword and a Staff of Channeling. The staff channels power gained from the Lotus Flower they consume, and is not used in Close Combat.



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