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Dragon Clan Slaves

Faction: Elven

While the House of the Obsidian Serpent is a newer power within the Elven Courts, its growing power is undeniable. Part of the Houses strength lies in its free use of slaves in both its households and in its militia. Dragon Clan Slaves are among the most sought after fodder that an Obsidian Army may have. In addition to their competent skills as warriors, these little savages are as much a status symbol to the Obsidian force, reminding their foes what becomes of their enemies. It is a powerful psychological weapon that few would deny and as such the Elven lords make sure to keep the Dwarven slaves bedecked in their old armor to maximize this effect.

Dragon Clan Slaves
Dragon Clan Slaves
1998 Target Games

Unit Rules from the 2.Edition.

Article print Type: Close Combat Warband

Dragon Clan Slave (4 - 8) Costs: 28
128-10 2143 2202

Special Rules:
- Steadfast
- The Dragon Clan Slaves are indoctrinated to believe that thea were betrayed by their Dwarven kin, and kept drugged with extracts from the Lotus flower to stop them from questioning these lies. Because of this they will attack the first Dwarves, apart from other dragon Clan Dwarves that come within LOS. They will continue making Move actions until they get into Close Combat with the enemy "traitors". Once in Close Combat they will continue attacking until either the enemy is dead oor the themselves are killed. Dragon Clan slaves always attack first when attacking non-Dragon Clan Dwarves in countercharge situations.
- At the beginning of the Dragon Clan Slaves Turn roll a d20 to see if they can shake off the effects of the Lotus drugs and resist the urge to attack their fellow Dwarves. On a roll of a 20 they come to their senses and switch sides. Your opponent now controls them for the rest of the battle. This only applies when fighting Dwarven armies.
- The Dragon Clan Slaves are armed with Dragon Hammers and Shields.

Dragon HammerCC--ST+5Fire-Based, Bludgeoning


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