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Warrior of the Sun

Faction: Elven

A closely guarded secret among the Lotus Blessed, the Elixir of Binding is a rare gift offered to only the bravest and most valiant warriors in the Elven Court. When a worthy warrior Elf has attracted the attention of his Duke, he is afforded great praise and riches. When a warrior distinguishes himself beyond the ability of the court to adequately reward him, his name is submitted to the Lotus Eaters for consideration.

To have ones name submitted to the Lotus Eaters for judgment is one of the highest military honors one may receive, an honor that in and of itself brings great recognition not only to the warrior but to his family and to his house. If the Lotus Eaters find the warrior truly worthy, he undergoes a very public ritual that lasts for 33 days. On the 33rd day, the warrior is offered the Elixir of Binding, a potion made primarily from the extract of Red Lotus whereupon he enters a fugue state lasting for up to 24 hours. At the end of this period, the blessed warrior awakens touched by the power of the Red Lotus and one step closer to eternal honor in the eyes of the angered Elven Gods.

These Warriors of the Sun are heroes among the people of Helios, great warriors and survivors of the kiss of the Red Lotus. Accorded great honors in a ceremony presided over by Duke Helios, the Warriors are given difficult assignments and charged with the most important tasks. Having one assigned to your army is considered a sign of great favor and a positive omen for the Elven warriors.

Warrior of the Sun
Warrior of the Sun
? Target Games

Concept Art

Unit Rules from the 2.Edition.

Article print Type: Missile Weapon Individual

Warrior of the Sun (1) Costs: 80
1414-14 3243 19-32

Special Rules:
- Steadfast
- Feint
- Commanding Presence
- Once per turn by spending 1 Action the Warrior of the Sun may produce a Flame Strike. Every model within 2 inches of the Warrior is automatically hit wiht a Damage 12 Flame attack. If the victim fails his Armor roll it takes a Wound. If the model fails his Armor roll and has more than one Wound, it must continue to make Armor rolls for each of its Wounds until it saves or dies. This shows that the model has caught fire and will burn until the flames go out. Flames Strike is a Residual Damage Attack.
- The Warriors of the Sun are armed with a Firesword and a Longsbow of Fire-Runes.

Longbow of Fire Runes920277Fire-Based, ROF = 1/1


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