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Warrior of the Golden Mask

Faction: Elven

Found primarily in the remote Elven city of Sun-Peak, the Warriors of the Golden Mask are the elite forces of the Order of the Golden Mask, a powerful yet small religious sect closely allied with Duke Heliac. Standing at the forefront of the Stygian menace, the Warriors of the Golden Mask adhere to a strict, millennia old code of conduct and strive to keep the enemies of the Red Lotus Eaters at bay. With their fire spouting lances, these masked warriors are fierce opponents.

Each member of this elite fighting force is drawn from the ranks of the Orders best warriors, soldiers who possess not only laudable physical abilities, but also the absolute devotion to the their faith. The Order of the Golden Mask believes that the path that will lead them back to reconciliation with their Creators is set before them in the earliest visions of the Red Lotus Eaters of old. These visions, recorded for posterity in a massive tome called the Urinashad is kept in Sun-Peak and studied carefully by an ancient group of priests that serve the Order faithfully. The Order, while hardly known outside of Sun-Peak, is a powerful influence within that city, having the ear and favor of Duke Amar-Ra.

Warrior of the Golden Mask
Warrior of the Golden Mask
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Warrior of the Golden Mask
Concept Art

Unit Rules from the 2.Edition.

Article print Type: Close Combat Individual

Warrior of the Golden Mask (1) Costs: 49
138-13 2243 17-32

Special Rules:
- Immune to all Heat and Fire-Based attacks.
- Desert Warrior
- Commanding Presence
- Warrior of the Golden Mask are armed with Flame Lances.

Flame LanceCC--ST+5By spending an Action, the wielder of the Flame Lance can unleash a searing burst of flames and direct it towards enemies before him. Place the Flame Lance template anywhere to the models front facing, with the point touching the model´s base. Any models touched by the template are automatically hit by the flames and must make an Armor Roll Against the Flames, Damage 10. This Attack is an Residual Damage Attack and is considered Fire-Based.


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