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Crystal Knights

Faction: Elven

Formed from the same motivations as the Lotus Guard, the Crystal Knights emerged because of the special requirements that harvesting the Silver Lotus demands. The mountainous peaks of the northern Elven territories are a harsh place to thrive in. Most Elves not forced to stay here would simply leave. The silver lotus flower however protects those that cultivate it. The Silver Lotus Eaters have proven immune to the harsh conditions of these mountainous gardens and required that their guardians are equally as hardy. Consuming a specially prepared elixir which features extract of the silver lotus, the Crystal Knights are able to thrive in these northern climes and perform their duties with capable ease. Unlike the Lotus Guard, the Crystal Knights are not drawn from the rich and elite of Elven Society. They are selected from the military ranks of the Elves for their adaptability and ruggedness during yearly tests conducted by the Silver Lotus Eaters. Worthy Elves are brought back to Ansaeris, the greatest of the Silver Lotus Eaters Schools, where they are indoctrinated into their new careers. Over time, the Elves radiate a numbing aura of coldness that most find unsettling if not debilitating. Like the cold winds that fill their regions, Crystal Knights are staunch warriors who can give even the rugged Sons of Kronos reason to pause.

Crystal Knights
Crystal Knight
1998 Target Games

Crystal Knights
Concept Art

Crystal Knights Model
Crystal Knights Model
2022 Uhrwerk-Verlag

Unit Rules from the 2.Edition.

Article print Type: Close Combat Individual

Crystal Knight (1) Costs: 72
158-14 3353 21-32

Special Rules:
- Steadfast
- Commanding Presence
- Any enemy model within 4 inches of the Crystal Knight suffer a -2 penalty to CC and MW because of the disturbing "cold aura" surrounding the Crystal Knight. This penalty is not cumulative regardless of the number of Crystal Knights in proximity to the model in question.
- Crystal Knights are armed with the Crystalline Spear.

Crystalline SpearCC--ST+9


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