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Stygian Swamp Goblins
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Wolf Blood Totem

Closest to the true form of their Gods, the Wolf Clan's Blood Totem are monstrous multi-headed wolves whose size and otherworldly eyes betray their unnatural origins. With a keen sense of smell and excellent vision, the Blood Totem of the Wolf Clan are the most stable of the Blood Totems, capable of calculating decisions and careful deduction.
They are swift opponents who prefer to strike out with their fanged maws to wound their enemies with their deadly bite. Once wounded, a Blood Totem will howl for its Dwarven family to finish off the victim who is surely weakened by the caustic saliva that infects the wounds it inflicts.

It is said that Wolf Clan Blood Totems are frequent guests in Council meetings and deliberations as they know instantly when an untruth is spoken. When questioning prisoners it is common practice to place a limb into the open maw of a Blood Totem and begin questioning. Should a lie be told, a new limb will be placed into the maw for the next question.

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