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Dark Tusk Blood Totem

Resembling a massive boar, the Blood Totem of the Dark Tusks is a frenzied killing machine responsible for sending more units running in terror than any other Blood Totem. Standing over 11 cubits in height, this monster is powerful enough to shatter walls and doors and thinks nothing of most obstructions. Like many of its soldiers, the Blood Totem will charge tusk first into battle attempting to gore its enemies and hurl them from its path. Because of its uncontrollable fury, Dark Tusks give this creature a wide berth. When not in battle the Blood Totem is frequently chained to help it control the frenzy that overcomes it with no warning. The bellow of a Dark Tusk Blood Totem has been known to send an entire army of Dark Tusks into berserk fury as well as weaken the bladders of its enemies.

Blood Totem with Keeper
Blood Totem with Keeper
1998 Target Games

Dark Tusk Blood Totem
Concept Art


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