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Talon Lord

In a race renowned for its strong willed determination the Talon Lords are among the strongest of all. They are selected by a series of tests known as the Trials of Virtue, which explore the limits of Dwarven endurance. There are numerous rumors about this secret ritual, but none of them come close to the terrifying truth. Bedecked in the “vulture wing crest” of his office, the Talon Lord wields a special spear that he never lets out of his sight.

Courage, conviction, and vigilance are the qualities required by a Talon Lord. Many seek to enter the trials but only a handful is chosen and of these only a few survive; for to fail the Trials of Virtue means death to the Dwarf in question. Charged with guarding the Talon Gates and the Titan Seals they protect, Talon Lords are found most often within the shadows of their monolithic charges. There are times however when the Talon Lord will leave his post and join the army to smite down its enemies. In these times the Talon Lord is viewed as a hero amongst his fellow Dwarves.

Talon Lord
Talon Lord
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Talon Lord
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