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Point System, Eternal War and more from HG

Author: HG
Stand: 22.02.2015

HG presented on this page four projects:
  • Point System for Chronopia
  • Eternal War - Rulebook combines Chronopia 2e and UWZ
  • UWZ Neo-Soviet Conversion

Point System for Chronopia

Here is a copy of the point system I created. It is ready for people to look over, make comments/suggestions, playtest, etc.

It is 5 pages. Feel free to change, alter it if you use it. I created it for anyone/everyone to use.

The idea would be to re-point the units using a system like that, which is open and the math is known and can be checked and if something is off on a particular element, that element can be adjusted like if something is under costed, or over costed, that one element can be adjusted.


Eternal War - Rulebook combines Chronopia 2e and UWZ

I also did a unified rule set. I called it Eternal War back in the day, it basically takes the core system, and combines Chronopia 2e and UWZ so for common things like Cover, it uses the same rules. I included it.


UWZ Neo-Soviet Conversion

I did a UWZ Neo-Soviet Conversion, thought I'd put that in there.



from Darnizhaan:
I checked out your point system and used to it figure out some values for new Risen.

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First version from 22.02.2015. Last Version from 28.02.2015.

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