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Dark Tusk Totem In Trouble

Author: Dragon62 Đ 2007

A brief batrep: (from memory)

1 Novice shaman
4 Spiders
1 Flying Dragonbane
6 Axemen
6 Spearmen

I had:
1 Dark Tusk Totem
1 Flame Throwe Squad
4 Dark Axe Warriors
4 Dark Axe Warriors
4 Dark Axe Warriors
1 Dark Tusk Raider

Philīs spiders pretty much rushed the board and crossed half of it on turn one. The Dragonbane flew halfway also into cover near my units, while the axemen halfway crossed the river. Meanwhile my Dark Axe Warriors maneuvered into position and taking the passes near my deployment zone. The Flamethrower team followed closely on one of the DW squad facing the approaching Axemen. The raider moved securing my left and supported by DW squad. The totem also moved towards the approaching spiders and

This is where the hurt came in. His spiders leaped into my Raider and the supporting Dark Axes. They pretty much decimated the Dark Axes and put a serious hurt on the Raider. (Damn Leap Maneuver! Canīt even charge from wait!) The Totem, proving no slouch, charged into the approaching spearmen and just laid waste into them. As the axemen crossed the river, they were met by my flamethrower and half of them were reduced to Elf cinders.

The Dragonbane, witnessing the flaming death of his elite axemen, was filled with rage. He charged into the flamethrower squad impaling one with his lance and the mount chomping into the other. The Dark Axes, undeterred, smashed into the Dragonbane and gave it some grievous wounds. The Totem, still slavering with fury and dripping with elven blood, rushed into the Dragonbone killing it.

The spiders, after finishing the Raider and the Axes, moved towards the remaining Totem, surrounded it and with small bites and cuts, slowly killed the Totem. (Ouch!)

All in all, the game was cool and whetted my appetite more for Chronopia. Canīt wait for the next con.

Dark Tusk Totem In Trouble


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