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The Rise of the Topaz Scorpion

Author: Lotus_Eater

"Long have we waited. In the dark, damp city of Thiran-Kan waiting patienatly for our master to call us forth, many have joined our ranks from other houses. Helios, Obsidian mostly, but even a few Crystal Lotus have been bought by the Dark Lord. We were once a prominent house, beaten down by our pathetic brethern. Soon, Aleha shall send word and we will crush our foe, it will start with the Elves, those who betrayed us and smote our house into ruin. Now with the Dark Lord behind us we will rise once again. Our Lotus Eaters have learned the magic of Necromancy, the leaf which they were once addicted serves only to show them the quickest route to power. We are now armed with an army of our own undead, to march in front of us a take the first blow from our enemies. And even as we die we shall rise up again and continue forth to destroy our foes. We have summoned our Desert Scorpions away from the Stygian horde, they no longer shall make us tremble. Our house will be great once again.
Aleha promised us all we would need to corrupt the world and we shall do so. Even now, we see an army marching towards our city, they seem bent on raiding this town, little do they know the danger that awaits them here, they shall be our first taste of blood since we fell. With their souls we shall rise again.
This is my word and it will ring in the ears of the Chronopia."

The Speach of the Scorpion, uttered hours before their first battle to retake their rightful name.

"They invaded our city, the Dwarves of the Horned Clan, Aleha promised us victory, so we held out ground. Many dwarves and elves feel today, many were raised to our ranks. Unfortunately the Dark Lord had plans for us we can not understand. Our scouts reported poor information causing our ranks to be spread to wide and our archers far from the fray. The dwarves made for our temple, so we approached withour fear, knowing that the Dark Lord would protect us and guarentee victory. Our Dusk Realm Demon, recently summoned at the temple he was assigned to protect fell first, beaten and bruised by an Impaler. He died admirably at the hands of a Axe-Horn, after laying one to waste. Our Desert Scorpions and Risen Elves followed after. The Desert Scorpions tore through a Horned Raider without mercy. The Risen slew many Axe-Horns. However we found the Dark Lord planned this battle a loss, I believe to teach us the error of our ways, we must be more aggressive and more vigilant. We took little account of the Keeper along the edge of the battlefield, feeling we should deal with him after the others, we did not expect him to slay our flanking Axemen as rapidly as he did. They were to delay him however it was their time to die. We will, nay, we MUST and SHALL, keep our vigilance higher than ever before, this enchrouachment shall not go unavenged, we have made another enemy, the Dwarves WILL pay!!!!"
The Speach made after the first battle the Topaz Scorpion ever had, the battle which took place in Thiran-Kan.

The armylist of the House Topaz Scorpion is in the download section!


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