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BlackBlood feared by everyone

Author: Mammouth Đ

What are you doing, Nizar? Life and death are not toys. Why giving two thousands of your troops to the Devout? Watīs the plan behind this genocide? You canīt control the death and you will learn it soon.
Thougths of the One King.

- So, Bukhir ! Is this finally done?
Said the Emperor on his Blood Throne. His Grand Vizier approach with a little smile on his face to answer the question:
- It his, my Lord. We are ready. But if you allow me, I can still improve...
- No ! We have wait long enougth and my patience has itīs limites. How much soldier can you equip with this weapon? And how long it will take to be released?
- After this two years of hard labor by the Order of the Burning Star despite the small access of the Fallen Land, we can afford up to two thousand and a half soldiers. And for the time, it will take an entire week before this new power will be revealed. But I must informed you, this will use near the totality of our ressources, keeping juste enough for our alchemist to use in future battles.
- Never mind. We can stand witouth the order for a time. Now, bring in these two generals. They have a task to do for their Empire.

An Orc and an Ogre came in front of their Emperor and put a knee on the floor.
- It is an honor to be here, my Lord. They speak as if there was just one voice. We are here to accomplish the needs of our great Empire.
- Have you already meet with the Devout, as we asked?
- Yes I have, my Lord. And they will accept my troops as a gift of my ... loyalty... to them. Both answer with the same voice, once again.
- Excellent, perfect. You will now go with Bukhir and follow his instructions. And remember, no one had never acheive such a heroic task in all our history. Our gods will come to you at the battlefield personnaly to assure your place at their sides.

They left the room and Nizar stay on his Throne. He spend two years to accomplish this and a lot of ressources of many kind. This must not fail. It was a to great plan to not succeed. He was shure that the One King and the other races have heard something about this plan. Many scout units patrol the frontiers of the Empire. And just like him, they know about the Devout army thatīs marching to the Elven territory. And now, after dispatching himself one of hitīs hown troops to meet them at the frontier. They all think that this army is there to stop the Devout, even four time larger than the two thousand five hundred soldiers of the BlackBlood. Nizar said: "Watch now and learn how the BlackBlood deal with his ennemy", just like if he was surrounded by emissarys of all other races.

An elven scout arrive in the great city of one of his House. He go straight for his leader, the Duc Heliac. He then deliver everything he had observed during the last week.
- There is a Devout army of ten thousands men and risen that march toward us. They will reach our first city in few days, and by this way leaving the Empire of the BlackBlood behind them.
- Is there any move from the Emperor Nizar?
- Yes. He spend an army of a little more than two thousands soldiers to meet the Devout at the frontier of the Empire. I quit this region three days ago to informe you rigth away. Our city will not stand against this devout force since they had not enought time to rebuild and received reinforcement since the last conflict.
- And wath Nizar sent was barely enought to slow them for one day, maybe two. Why not more? He could destroyed it if he would but as long they will not go in his domain, he will probably not intervene. Your words are welcome and we will spend a force and hope that the Devout will arrive after us.

Then, the day after, two scout arrived during the afternoon, both with important news.
- I followed the Devout army during many days and then, without any signs, they change their course to meet the BlackBlood forces.
- I was there watcing the Empire forces. The nigth before the Devout army reach them, there was a great feast. Then on the morning, the BlackBlood army split into two groups under the command of a Orc and Ogre general. Instead of being side by side, they were in front of the other, just like wo ennemy facing before the battle.
- WHAT! Ask Heliac, surprised. Whatīs for? Do they battle each other? And the Devout?
The two general stand with a necromencer at their side on a hill. They watched over the field and then everything start to make nonesense.
- What? I want to know! Explain yourself!
- In both side, troops started to be wounded. But no one as fire arrow and no devout one sigth. The soldiers made noise to impress the other side with cry, steel and everything they had. But just like a poison, they were all death before noon.
- Nonsense. It must have a explication. Wath about the two generals?
- The were smiling at this vision, and then devout soldier appear from behind and kill them witout resistence.
- Impossible. The BlackBlood will never leave a figth without blooded their weapons with the one of their ennemy. Maybe a mutiny ? But if so, then even the migthy BlackBlood empire will not stand before the Dark Lord.

The Sun goes down now and another scout enter in the city. Like all other before him, he goes straight for the Duc Heliac.
- It was a trap for the soldiers of the Empire. Their generals plot with the Devout and offer their troops to reinforce them. But they were trapped to becase the Devout kill them either and raised the entire force by the nigth. They are now marching to our city and are at two days of it.
- Fool. What they were thinking? No one can mislead the Dark One and itīs followers. The necromencers took no chance and raise the two general so they will ensure their controll over them.
- My brother, who still follow them, will be here tomorrow for his repport.

Just like he said the day after, the last scout come with unexpected news.
- HOWīS THAT? No army can disappeared in one night.
- But itīs the truth. I heard noise during the nigth, like a fierce battle. Then when I wokeup with the sun, I saw what has happened. The field was full of the Devout army remains but no sign of any soldier of the BlackBlood. Many fire was lifted, probably to burn bodys but absolutly no signs of the Empire troops. They were just vanished, despite the fact that I heard soud of a marching army going back to the Devout territory.

How have you do this Nizar? The BlackBlood donīt know the secret of life and death, such as the Devout know it. And now your army, with the two generals in lead, are marching toward the Devout and killing everything in their path. Even I cannot brougth life back in an entire army. The time has itīs secrets, but not grather than life and death. You can smill if you want, but you play in a yard that you know nothing.
Tougths of the One King


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