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Tales of the She Wolf

Author: Sean Grant Đ 2001

Backup from: http://members.tripod.com/~Marc_F/

She sat there alone in the woods; she had just hunted her dinner and was now waiting for it to cook. Whilst it was cooking she was remembering her unbelievingly tough upbringing. She had raised herself from when she was six years old when her parents were murdered and she was left to fend for herself. As her dinner was nowhere ready she decided to sleep for a while. In a state of semi-consciousness she started to dream about her past experiences. She remembered one particular incident one that she would remember all her life.

She was talking to her only friend in the world, a man that had come to the woods to find and kill the She Wolf. The man found her but didnīt kill her instead he grew to like her and never went home to the town so he was presumed to be dead. He stayed there with Iranna and kept her company.

"Iranna youīre getting pretty good with a sword now, but you said that you were going to teach me your own unarmed combat methods" said Tallis "All in good time Tallis, all in good time." Iranna and Tallis had been sparring most of the day and had now decided to have a bit of a rest. "Shall I go get some dinner?" asked Iranna, "No itīs alright we still have some boar left from yesterday."

Both Iranna and Tallis ate their meal and decided to sleep. Suddenly Iranna was jolted awake by a noise, she looked to her side and Tallis was missing, she shot up and ran towards the noise. She ran and ran but could not catch them; she looked to the ground and saw hoof prints she now knew that she could not get Tallis back so easily. Iranna went back to her camp and retrieved her sword, she was about to get her crudely fashioned armour but she remembered how much it had slowed her down when she was practising with Tallis. She would not let them hurt Tallis even if it meant her death she would get him back.

It didnīt take her long to find the tracks again; she would soon be cutting down the people that had taken her friend she would make them pay. There in front of her very eyes was what Tallis had described as a Devout settlement. Iranna did not know much about the Devout except what Tallis had told her, then she knew that getting him back would not be easy. Night-time fell and Iranna had now decided to strike. She crept up to the guard and ran him through with her sword; a quick and silent kill so not to attract attention to herself.

Her eyes were now fixed on the group of followers stood in front of what she presumed to be the cell where Tallis was being held. She picked up a stone and threw it to the side of the followers, with this distraction she dove straight into combat. Ducking and weaving through their swords she slaughtered them one by one each blow more ferocious than the last. Now there was nothing to stop her from saving her friend. She kicked down the door revealing the battered body of Tallis and six other figures guarding what looked like a retired veteran of war. One of the six men grabbed Tallis by his hair, smiled at Iranna and slit his throat. "Noooooooo!" screamed Iranna; she looked at the man with a look of pure hatred and dropped her sword. The war veteran realised something; "She-Wolf!" he exclaimed Iranna smiled at him and pounced. She grabbed Tallisīs killer, picked him up above her head and threw him across the room and turned to her next victim, he started to try to psyche her out with sword motions, Iranna was having none of this she knocked his sword to the side and raked across his throat.

He fell to the floor clutching his throat and awaited his inevitable death. She seized the nearest person and sapped his neck, whilst Iranna was fighting the war veteran made a hasty retreat. Iranna turned to face the next man and proceeded to tare out his guts.

The only two men left decided to double up on her but she didnīt care, one of them lunged at her inflicting a mortal wound to her side, this only enraged her further, ducking the other manīs blow she grabbed the one who injured her and began to savagely beat him to death. The last man tried to injure her further in the same location but was Un-successful he too had earned the same fate as his college. Iranna walked over to the man who killed Tallis, "Donīt kill me, please!" begged the man, Iranna looked at him in disgust and thrusted her hand into his chest and tore out his heart. Iranna looked at her wound in amazement it should have killed her but she was able to carry on fighting.

She left the building holding her side, she caught a glimpse of her reflection in a puddle, she was completely covered in blood. She went back inside to get Tallisīs body. She had decided to take him back to the place where she met him and buried him. It was then that she swore an oath of vengeance against the Devout.

Iranna woke to the smell of burning her dinner was ready.



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